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ABOUT SAS Promotions

SAS Promotions started as Speert Advertising Specialties and was founded in June of 1986, with a simple mission statement: Match the right promotional products with the right clients at the right price.

As a result, Speert Advertising Specialties grew quickly. We incorporated in October of 1990, bought our own office building in 1992, acquired Nikknakk Promotions, Inc. in 1996, opened another office in Charlotte, NC in 1999, and a third office in Boston, MA in 2000. With the acquisition of Nikknakk in 1996, we shortened our name to SAS Promotions.

In 2002, as we became more involved in integrated marketing solutions and providing comprehensive programs, we reflected these advanced abilities by adding a new division - SAS Advertising.

We offered new services and expertise to our clients. We added a Certified Meeting Planner to our staff and an experienced Media Director (from a major ad agency) as well. Our graphics department expanded as did our consulting division which brings the very best ideas in multiple marketing strategies together. Our mission statement grew to include these services: "Match the right marketing plan with the right clients at the right TIME."

In early 2003 we launched THE Promobile, which was the first fully-loaded promotional products mobile showroom in the industry. The tremendous success of our vehicle led to the creation of a sister company, Promobile, Inc. which licensed this opportunity to distributors all over the USA and Canada. It proved to be a huge success!

Moving forward from 2006, SAS purchased Cool Wheel Covers (now known as, followed a year later by Nautical Needles.  We created the new specialty divisions of SAS Embroidery, SAS Activewear and Welcome Mats USA.

Our name has remained the same since 1996, but our company is always changing and growing to offer many new services such as executive & success coaching, marketing plans, logo creation, and much more.  The times keep changing and SAS Promotions will always change with them to meet new demands and client requirements.

What we know: Our steady growth and success is due entirely to our loyal client base.

Our client list includes multi-national corporations and foreign governments. We have schools, manufacturers, professional sports teams, construction companies, software engineering corporations, health systems, radio/TV/film production companies and many other industries represented in our history of successful branding projects.

The main reason for our continued growth: "Match the right branding and marketing plan with the right clients at the right TIME."

We have created all of our sites so that you may always have a method for finding the very best in advertising/marketing services and custom imprinted promotional products.

As the times continue to change, we will always change with them to bring you the most updated, easy-to-use and content-filled sites. 

However, one thing will never change... We will always "Match the right branding and marketing plan with the right clients at the right TIME."